Professor Nick Ridler


Committee activities

A list of current committee activities is given below.

Standards Committees

* IEC Coordination Group for Measurement Science, JCGM-WG1 Representative (2019 to date)

* JCGM (Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology) "Working Group on the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM)", IEC Representative (2015 to date) 

* IEC Technical Committee TC46 “Cables, wires, waveguides, RF connectors, RF and microwave passive components and accessories”, UK Representative (2015 to date) 

* BSI Committee EPL/046 “Cables, wires and waveguides, radio frequency connectors and accessories for communications and signalling”, Member (2014 to date)

IEEE Technical Committees

* IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S), Administrative Committee (AdCom) Standards Coordinating Committee, Chair (2014 to date), Member (2008 to date)

* IEEE MTT-11 "Microwave Measurements" Technical Committee, Member (2003 to date), Chair (2010-2012)

* IEEE MTT-4 "Terahertz Technology and Applications" Technical Committee, Member (2012 to date)

IEEE Standards Committees

* IEEE P1785, "Waveguides for use at Millimeter and Sub-Millimeter Wavelengths" Working Group, Chair (2008 to date)

* IEEE P287, "Precision Coaxial Connectors" Working Group, Vice Chair (2011 to date)

* IEEE P1770, “Nomenclature for Large-Signal Vector Network Analysis” Working Group, Member (2015 to date)

IEEE P1765, “Uncertainty in EVM and Related Metrics" Working Group, Member (2015 to date)

IEEE P370, “PCBs and Related Interconnects to 50 GHz” Working Group, Member (2015 to date)

Other Committees

* EuMW (European Microwave Week) Steering Committee, Member (2018 to date) 

* EuMA (European Microwave Association) General Assembly, Member (2020 to date)